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About me

Hi my name is Sandy, and my mission is to help you learn from the mistakes I made. 

Let me share with you my personal journey towards time mastery. When I started my online business in 2009, I had no idea how to structure my time effectively. As someone from an equestrian background, my expertise lay in teaching riding lessons and training horses, not in managing my schedule.

However, my determination and natural inclination towards organization (thanks to my German roots) drove me to learn and implement simple systems and structures in my business, while still working a 9-5. These strategies helped me to achieve time mastery and balance in my life.

Working with international trainers in the personal development field, equestrian seminar organizations, and online businesses has given me the tools to help other solopreneurs and entrepreneurs master their time. My mission is to help you optimize your schedule, achieve your goals, and experience a fulfilling life.

I am passionate about adding value to your business and life by sharing my time mastery techniques with you. Let's connect and start your journey towards time mastery today!